Data-inspired Fundraising

So, you appreciate what data brings to the table to help you get more donations from more people?

Us too!

By taking a critical look at your retention rates, gift amounts, new donors and other priority fundraising data points, you’re already setting yourself apart from the see-what-sticks common course for many nonprofits. Yes, it is completely appropriate to give yourself a pat on the back…

2019 Nonprofit fundraising trends

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) is sponsored by the AFP, and aims to give nonprofit fundraisers tools to track and evaluate their annual giving – empowering them to increase giving at their organizations.

This summer, FEP released some new data – representing giving trends among more than 6,000 nonprofits from the same quarter last year. I dug in and identified the most pressing categories for you (and if you’re a details-person, you can find everything at FEP.)

Here’s what stands out:

Blank chart image
  • New donors are down -9.5%
  • Revenue has dropped -7.3%
  • Donors are down -5.8%
  • Reactivated donors are down -1.1%

Access your fundraising data

Trends are great, and these numbers serve up a healthy dose of trepidation around the status quo – showing us it’s time to think a little differently. But, what’s really going to guide your fundraising strategy is a critical look at your data – and FEP makes that available, too.

It’s your turn! The Fundraising Fitness Test (FFT) will take the data from your own fundraising programs and deliver a report on your performance from year-to-year.

Operationalize your fundraising data

The Killoe Group can help you take your report from interesting to operational.

A fundraising report that illustrates your performance on key indicators like new donors, revenue, donors and reactivation isn’t going to do much sitting on your desk. The report itself is a useful reality check to show what’s working and what isn’t.

But, what do you do now? How do you identify and seize opportunities gleaned from your fundraising data? How do you improve giving through data-inspired fundraising?

This is where the Killoe Group comes in. We’re data-nerds at-heart (literally, we teach a course on this stuff) and we’re here to remove the blinders from your fundraising program. We’ll get you from zero to sixty: run your report, analyze the data, AND join you one-on-one to develop a personalized improvement plan tailored to your unique opportunities and challenges.

Your data-inspired fundraising improvement plan

Let the Killoe Group pull your report, analyze the findings, and work directly with you to formulate a personalized data-inspired fundraising improvement plan.