Focused Fundraising

So much data: what matters, what doesn’t?

You get it: evidence-based, performance-based, data-inspired, or whatever you choose to call it – you understand that there are some incredibly effective ways to prioritize your fundraising efforts where you can have the greatest impact.

But does the thought of data-inspired fundraising have you feeling overwhelmed?

Good news: you don’t have to be a data analyst in order to strategically expand your fundraising opportunities. You can look at a couple of key metrics to track performance over the years – and improve where it matters most.

Starting points for data-inspired fundraising

We’ve narrowed down the seemingly endless categories and comparisons you could be pulling from your CRM to the information that matters most to increase your fundraising. Think of this as your starter pack to data-inspired fundraising.

The people giving to you for the first time. Expanding your pool of donors is always a good thing!
Your donors who gave to you for the first time last year, and gave again the following year. The repeat giving from these folks shows the value of your stewardship efforts.
The amount of money you’re bringing in. This is the big-picture look at how successful you are raising funds to support your programs.
The number of people donating to your organization. Exactly how big is your army of support – and is it growing or shrinking?
People who have given to you in the past, stopped for some reason, and are back supporting you now. They loved you once, you reminded them why, and they returned.

Easily access and isolate the fundraising data that matters

Tracking your new donors, newly retained donors, revenue, donors, and recaptured donors is how you can start evaluating your fundraising performance in a meaningful way. But how do you get your hands on this information and how do you begin to evaluate what’s great, what’s pretty good, and what’s lacking?

In short, pretty easily!