The Killoe Group offers a variety of customizable services that support your non-profit organizations' work and optimize your performance for the future.

Through a 360-degree review of your program, The Killoe Group identifies areas of inefficiency and recommends enhancements to your fundraising program to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. Learn More
As organizations mature, support from individual donors becomes increasingly important. Through appropriate identification, our firm assists your team in developing strategies to ask the right person for the right amount of money at the right time. We're also prepared to assist with managing your Capital Campaign.
Through a comprehensive strategic planning process, we can help your organization build a strong foundation, conduct an honest assessment, and plan for the next three to five years.
Get to “the next level” through our Emerging Non-Profits Program! Our team works with new organizations(typically established within the last five years) to excel when the initial excitement has worn off and strategically move forward. Learn More
Would your Board of Directors or frontline staff benefit from customized training on targeted topics? Using respected best practices, our firm designs training to inspire your teams and achieve impressive results. Learn More
Occasionally you may find your organization without leadership in the development, marketing, or communications departments. Our firm provides support through per-diem interim leadership and assists with the search for a permanent leader.

We’re here to meet your needs.

Let's schedule a time to talk about you, your organization, and your goals so that we can recommend services that align with your vision.